Genius Loci

“Architecture is a thing of art, a phenomenon of the emotions, lying outside questions of construction and beyond them. The purpose of construction is to make things hold together; of architecture to move us. Architectural emotion exists when the work rings within us in tune with a universe whose laws we obey, recognize and respect. When certain harmonies have been attained, the work captures us. Architecture is a mater of “harmonies,” it is a “pure creation of the spirit.” - Le Corbusier, Vers une architecture

Desert X

The display of works by emerging artists all touch on global warming and how design can enact change. Freshly inspired by a long day of research, the bus departed the Salton Sea filled with inspiration to return to work at FF&P!

Sensibility in L.A?

From concert halls to stadiums, hilltop houses to historic retail, this seminar influences architects, designers, city officials, and community leaders to create a more thoughtful, productive, and inclusive built environment.

Big Apple

FF&P has finally settled into its perfect New York home - a charming light-drenched work-space filled with thoughtful, innovative designers

The California/Swiss Connection

Jake Lazere and David Manzano, designers from FF&P’s Los Angeles office, just returned from a trip to Germany and Switzerland with the Swiss furniture manufacturer Vitra. Funny enough – Vitra’s foray into the furniture business began with another California/Swiss connection when the Fehlbaum family began manufacturing the furniture designs of Los Angeles designers, Ray and Charles Eames, in the 1950s for a European market.


“Be tenacious yet humble; be realistic but passionate; have opinions, but listen; be measured yet driven.”

-Jennifer Luce, FAIA

Principal, LUCE et Studio

Creating More than Silver

The Crossroads School for Arts and Sciences originally set a goal to achieve LEED Silver for its science facility and kiva-hut inspired student pavilion, but 2018 brought an even more valuable revelation. The building achieved LEED Gold, along with the rest of the campus - a big step above what was thought possible for this urban campus in an arid environment.


FF&P is enthusiastic and hopeful to see organizations like the Southern California Chapter of The National Organization of Minority Architects seek progress towards education and careers for minority architects who have been underrepresented.

Summer Road Tripping

If you’re looking for some inspiration or have no clue on how to even begin planning a summer road trip, Marisa will be able to embolden you to create your own journey.